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Spring Dewey 2015!

April 10 -12, 2015

Dewey Beach, DE


It's Springtime for Greyhounds in Dewey Beach again - join us for Spring Dewey XI, April 10 - 12, 2015, for this year's Greyt Little Greyhound Event in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Spring Dewey is small and friendly and almost free and ocean-breezy and the weather is beautiful - ok, a little chilly at times - so join a bunch of beautiful greyhounds for a relaxed weekend of uncrowded beaches, low-key activities, and the spectacular Sunday Send-Off Beach Walk and Box Lunch Picnic.

Register for Spring Dewey 2015 (April 10-12, 2015)beginning in January, 2015. The registration fee lets us, among other things, book a warm dry location for the Sunday Celebrations (to ensure good weather) and cover expenses. Each person who registers may enter their favorite greyhound-related group in a raffle. All leftover money is donated to the group whose name is drawn at the Raffle at the Sunday Box Lunch.

The winner of the Spring Dewey 2014 Sunday Box Lunch Raffle,

Personalized Greyhounds, received $519 

Those who have taken part in any (or in many cases all)of the nine previous Spring Dewey events know how laid back the weekend is without being boring or empty - just enough of a schedule to allow for lots of nose and butt time. What makes it such a greyt little event is the greyhounds and their people, doing what greyhounds and greyhound people do themselves. So join us and join the fun.

How do you make a new activity happen? Send a message that tells the powers that be, i.e. the Spring Dewey Committee, what you have in mind and that you'd like to take charge and make it happen - with the support and encouragement of friends and committee, of course. It's not hard to run one activity, it's running everything that takes its toll. Hence, let's get together and have a greyt Greyt Little Greyhound Event April 11-13, 2014.

If you have the required Dewey Beach licenses for your dogs, greyt! It's a lifetime license. If you don't have Dewey Beach dog licenses, you need to stop by the Dewey Beach Town Hall and get them. And of course then you'll have the license for the Fall weekend, too.

Vendors - we love you, too. Spring Dewey is your chance to have a weekend enjoying your greyhounds and maybe even make a little money.

What is Spring Dewey? ...
FUN & RELAXATION for Hounds and Humans ...

ice cream social ... birthday party ... contests and games for hounds and their people... Sunday picnic ... vendors ... Saturday night dinner ... beach walks ... ???

From the Friday night Ice Cream Social and Birthday Party ...

More ice cream social pictures coming soon ...


PLUS ...Beach time - sunrise, sunset, and in between

(pictures coming soon)


and Relaxing

(more pictures coming soon)

Katie, asleep Spring Dewey 2013 Katie asleep again, Spring Dewey 2013


Previous Dewey in the Spring Memories

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Spring Dewey 2015
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